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MAGLIO Company history

MAGLIO Company history

Maglio has a history to be proud of. Established in 1850 in the centre of Maglie, in the heart of Salento, this family company has created an extraordinary heritage of confectionary making and this year, 2015, we are proud of celebrate 140 years. Tradition and passion for this work has been passed down through the family, from father to child.



Creativity, experience, enthusiasm and research are the cornerstones of this story of entrepreneurial succes. In Maglio's artisan workshop, skilful hands carefully craft fruit pralines, fruit jellies, aromatic biscuits and delicious jams. Cutting-edge technology ensures perfection in the department where chocolates, chocolate bars and sugared almonds are made and packaged. And innovation and development take the lead in a dynamic area where new specialities are created and classic sweets are perfected.

All of this guarantees that customers always get unique and genuine products of the highest - and continuously improving - quality. The great care that goes into the production of Maglio chocolate is shown by the choice of raw ingredients, including only the highest-quality cocoa beans which have been sustainably produced.



Maglio's overall ethical approach includes care for the environment, respect for workers and support for sustainable development. Maglio has also taken steps towards helping people who have to keep to a restricted diet. This includes the production of gluten-free items and, this year, the replacement of sugar with Stevia, a naturally-sourced sugar substitute, which is both very sweet and contains zero calories.



Chocolate is joy. Maglio believes this and hopes that the company's products bring happiness to all people who love the food of the gods. And that is why the product range is so wide: there is a product to satisfy every palate, for every occasion, for every feeling.