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CAPRICCI SMALL BOX 90g( cod. 200104 )

Capricci represents the excellence of the company, who use the ancient tradition giving high quality to the product. Capricci box contains: stoned Dates from Siwa Oasi (Slow Food Presidium) filled with pistachios cream and almond cream, Plums filled with almond cream and zabaglione, Walnuts filled with almond cream and walnut paste. All covered in dark chocolate 60% cocoa (a blend of Forastero and Criollo).  


Dates, walnuts and plums with almond cream covered in dark chocolate. Covering of dark chocolate 40% (cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, anhydrous BUTTER, emulsifier: SOYA lecitin, natural flavourings: vanilla. Cocoa minimum 60%), dates (Siwa Oasi-Slow Food presidium), walnuts, plums, sugar, ALMONDS 6%, PISTACHIO-paste, WHOLENUT and zabaglione paste (EGGS, sugar, Marsala), preservative: sorbic acid. 

Nutritional Info

Nutritional declaration Average values for  100 g
  Dates Wholenuts Plums
Energy values 576 kcal - 2408 kj 576 kcal - 2408 kj 564 kcal - 2358 kj
Total fats 37,3 g 39,5 g 42,4 g
Saturated fats 21,58 g 23,4 g 21,7 g
Carbohydrates 41,9 g 45,5 g 37,4 g
Sugars 26,9 g 30,5 g 22,4 g
Proteins 6,75 g 9,52 g 8,27 g
Salt 0,08 g 0,05 g 0,06 g


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