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TARANTA CHOCOLATE( cod. 200973 )

The origins of the "Pizzica" seem to date back to cults of Dionysus which came from Greece to Salento and were made their own by the local people. Working in the countryside was easy to get stung by poisonous spiders whose stings sometimes caused the victim to faint or fall into a state of shock from which only music could rouse them. 

Nowadays Pizzica "is known as a lively dance for couples". It was widespread until the last war but now lives on mostly in the memory of the older inhabitants of Salento.

Over the past fifteen years or so, some musicians and dancers have created a sort of "neo-pizzica" which differs somewhat from the traditional version. This festival has a great success among young people especially at concerts or dances taking place on summer evenings. 


 Cocoa mass, sugar, 22% roasted ALMOND cream, inulin, cocoa butter, dextrose, emulsifier: SOYA lecithin, natural flavourings of vanilla. In the chocolate cocoa minimum 62%.

May contain traces of MILK protein, LACTOSE, HAZELNUTS and PISTACHIOS.

Nutritional Info


Nutritional Declaration Average values for 100g
Energy values 516 kcal - 2157 kJ
Total fats 35,9 g
Saturated fats 15,1 g
Carbohydrates 39,8 g
Sugar 35,5 g
Protein 8,9 g
Salt 0,1 g

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